You can be misguided in many ways...but if you are guided, then there is only ONE WAY.



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From the bounties of Allaah subhnahu wa ta’ala

upon us is the blessing of reaching out

 to our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.

 Everything mentioned here is strictly blessings from Allaah and Mercy from Him.

We praise Allaah abundantly and we ask Him to make our deeds sincere for His sake.



Now Available!!!

     EN001 - Where is Allaah? & Knowing His Uniqueness

     EN002 - The Righteous Predecessors & Strictly Following the Sunnah vs the Religion is Easy

     EN003 - Running on Empty & And Turn to Your Lord in Repentance

     EN004 - One Key to the Lock & A Lifeboat in this World's Oceans

     EN005 - Commonalities and Differences bet. Islaam and Christianity & Yes! Jesus is the Messiah

     EN006 - The Clear Enemy & The Poisoned Arrow

     EN007 - The Wing of a Mosquito & Melting the Iron Hearts

     EN008 - Means of Survival & Answering Bart Ehrman: Why We Suffer?

     EN009 - Six Feet Under & Shirk Undercover

     EN010 - Eternal Bliss & Scorching Hot

     EN011 - Between Halaal and Haraam & What is Between the Jaws, Restrain It!

     EN012 - Errors in Connection & One Way to Paradise

     EN013 - Let it Grow with a Natural Flow & Hell=Garment?

     EN014 - The Classical Hit...It's Bad & The Hole of a Lizard

     EN015 - Keen Over You & Is This Sister Going to Jannah?

     EN016 - Can I Celebrate This? & Do Not Forward

     EN017 - Quoting Jesus

     EN018 - Sufism, The Horn of Satan & Tawassul - (3 LECTURES IN 1 DVD!!!)

     EN019 - The Extermination of Innovation & Reasons for Destruction

     EN020 - So In Them, Do Struggle & Half the Soup

     EN021 - Clothing for One Another & Domestic Confrontations

     EN022 - Rabies Attack & The Grain of a Mustard

     EN023 - How Do I Excel? & A Typical Day in Ramadaan

     EN111 - Napoleon in Jeddah (Where Are You Going?) Translated to Arabic by Abu Mussab


 All proceeds strictly go to the Jeddah Da'wah Center to be used in da’wah

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